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In this dynamic real estate market, access to reliable, accurate information – plus up to the minute knowledge of property market trends (supply, demand and performance) – is vital for quality property decision making.

iO Partners Research&Consultancy services may be considered as added value for both developers and investors and provide such services as:

  • Feasibility Study Reports – assessment of both brownfield and greenfield sites
  • Highest Best Use Analysis – advisory regarding potential scenarios
  • Market Analysis (all sectors and cross sector)
  • Lease terms analysis
  • Competition Analysis – existing and future
  • Market Opportunities Analysis
  • Market Forecasts (all sectors and cross sector)
  • Strategic Advisory – both for public entities and private firms

iO Partners’s dedicated research team brings expert knowledge and in-depth analysis to the region’s property markets to assist and inform developers and investors, fund managers and lenders, landlords and tenants. Our services include data collection and analysis, market studies, supply and demand forecasting and tailored analysis of specific sectors, geographies or topics.

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